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  1. According to the service manuals, the P370SM3 uses the LG LP173WF2-TPB1, which is an 50-pin eDP panel. The P370SM uses any of these: AUO B173HW01 V4, AUO B173HW01 V5, AUO B173HW02 V1, CHIMEI N173HGE-L11, CHIMEI N173HGE-L21, LG LP173WF1-TLB3, which are all 2-channel 40-pin LVDS panels. You will obviously need the new eDP cable from your reseller (ask for "Wire cable (EDP) for LG 3D panel to M/B(HL/JAE CON:FI-VHP50) P370EM3 part number 6-43-P37E1-020-J") All the information you should need for getting eDP working is on page 78 of the service manual. If you don't understand it, it would be easier for you to replace both the panel + cable and mainboard to upgrade to 120hz.
  2. Oh, ok, lol. Doesn't harm anything. Thanks again for the mod.
  3. Just upgraded my W230ST, complete timing control and XMP profile support for the DIMMS now - been wanting to try overclocking them to the 1866MHz version. Thanks, Prema! EDIT: Had to add -allowsv command line switch to update the ME firmware to the new version posted. Overclocked RAM to 1866MHz 10-10-10-32 without a problem. Will donate again ASAP!
  4. The QHD+ display is pentile. Into the trash it goes!
  5. Worked flawlessly. Thanks for making this great mod. How can I make a donation via PayPal?
  6. Hi Prema, I just got a brand new W230ST from Sager and the BIOS and EC versions are 1.03.03LS1 and 1.03.01SA, respectively. Is your BIOS mod safe to flash?
  7. This is not the problem I am experiencing! Are you too thick-skulled to not even read my post? There are several of us posting on Lenovo forums, all running Windows 7 and Windows 8 who cannot get their brand new GT750M5 Ultrabay cards to not even be detected by Windows on Y510P that was sold without SLI. This is a BIOS problem, not VBIOS. This is not even to mention that yes, I flashed the Windows 8.1 update vbios to the card using a hardware flasher connected to the SPI flash chip on the ultrabay card, and it still was not detected.
  8. We are hoping we will get a BIOS update to fix the ultrabay GPU not detecting issue. This issue affects all OS's (including Windows 7), not just Windows 8.1. If you buy a y510p or a y410p that did not originally come with SLI, then your ultrabay card will probably not be detected, and is documented on Lenovo's official forums. Lenovo staff has said they are working on it, so hopefully that means BIOS update.
  9. I have the GT750M5 as well and tried to use it in my y410p and it doesn't work either. I flashed the latest vbios using a hardware flasher and it didn't show still. Lenovo claims in the Readme file that the vbios is for both y410p and y510p cards. It could be that we both have bad cards, or it might just not work on the y410p in general.
  10. You can't see the NGFF SSD in WIndows because it was never assigned a drive letter. If you look in diskmgmt.msc you will see the drive. You need to install the ExpressCache software and check that it is working by using the eccmd -info command. I wouldn't have wasted money on the recovery DVD's either. You could just have taken an image using Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost, or some other drive image software of the main HDD and cache SSD before you even started up Windows so you had a fresh factory install image to just restore in a snap instead of re-installing off of DVDs.
  11. Lenovo replaced the mainboard in my y410p. I cannot get the new mainboard to dump out the BIOS using fptw64. It gives error 53. Here is the content of my fptw64 -i command: EDIT: Never mind. Fixed it with abradner's modified fparts.txt
  12. Guys, I need help, like bad. I changed a setting and my y410p will just power on to a black screen now. I tried to recover again by using the mash F2 + 8 right + 4 down + 4 enter trick and that does not work this time. I tried to put my stock BIOS on a USB stick and hold down Fn + B while powering up and that doesn't do anything either. Anyone know how to recover from a bad settings? I desoldered what looked like the CMOS battery (it's right underneath the palm rest and soldered onto the motherboard and is flat, round and labeled with + and - on two prongs) and I'm just letting it sit there for a while, I hope that clears the settings.
  13. What? You do not need to unlock the BIOS to be able to boot from CD or USB flash drive. If you want to install GNU/Linux disable SecureBoot and switch to legacy boot mode. You need to have 5 approved posts or purchase Elite membership to download files.
  14. v1.07. I installed the latest drivers only (no PROSet application) for the wireless off Intel's website (v16.1.5) and the correct Bluetooth drivers from Lenovo's website (v3.1.1307) since Intel doesn't seem to have any on their site that is for with this card, probably because at this point it seems that it's only really available to OEM's,
  15. I've got a y410p with the BIOS mod installed, Windows 7, and a Wireless-AC 7260 and it is sleeping fine.
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