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  1. The synology ds212j or ds213 supports 4TBx2 for 8TB raid-0 or 4TB raid-1 or 8TB JBOD. Been running one for a few months. They should be within your price range I think: Newegg.ca - Synology DS212J Diskless System DiskStation Budget-friendly 2-bay NAS Server for Small Office and Home Use.
  2. Here are some things to try/check .... (1) does the drive still work as an external drive? (2) have you checked your jumper settings on the drive? i.e., is it set as master, slave, cs select? (3) have you tried another port on your motherboard? (4) does your bios detect the hard drive? are there any bios settings you need to enable/disable? (5) when you formatted it, did you do it as mbr or gpt?
  3. ChromeBook Pixel: https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=chromebook_pixel_wifi, Just for the novelty of it. There's a lot of cheap ChromeBooks floating around. I'm curious about what a high end ChromeBook can do. I wonder how many Google actually sell.
  4. Windows 8 is alright. But don't think it improves much over Windows 7. I dont really interact with the start screen much or the metro UI. The dual desktop and metro environment is kind of weird on the desktop, but probably makes more sense on a tablet.
  5. Nevermind found it in the manual. http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/user_guides/ideapad_y410py510p_ug_english.pdf
  6. tranxendz

    Y500 WiFi Card

    Are there any 3x3 cards with BT? If not, how can you get BT 4 with a 3x3 card?
  7. I have the y510p with the default N2230. I can receive a file to my laptop at 10MB/s and send at 16MB/s over 300Mbps N connection. If I swap the wifi card out for something say a dual band 5Ghz N card (have a dual band N router) will the file transfer be faster? I don't really have much experience with N routers so I don't know what to expect. I have an N router with fast ethernet and updated with one with gigabit ethernet and it didn't make much of a difference. So I'm not sure if attempting to update the wifi card to something else will help much with the throughput.
  8. Use a cooler master x-slim cooling pad to blow air underneath. I makes some difference with the heat.
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