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  1. I'm selling my OG gerald board. It's slightly modified in order to accommodate an ultrabay hard drive, the adapter cable for which I can throw in for free. Looking for $60. I've moved on to Thunderbolt 3 eGPU, but this was a fun time. PM if interested.
  2. It works perfectly on my y410p.
  3. Nope. The laptop is in around 22c ambient
  4. Nope, using the stock configuration.
  5. I'm using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.
  6. My idles are around 60C, even after repasting and adding some thermal paste under the GPU heat pipe to help the CPU. Even a 100mv undervolt has not helped much. Is there any way to decrease my temps?
  7. If you are referring to the usage of both the Ultrabay PCIe and SATA slots concurrently, then it is definitely possible. I am doing this right now. You just need the correct cable. I'm using this one from Amazon. It allows you to connect the Ultrabay SATA port to an HDD caddy. This one connects directly to the HDD without the caddy. Here's my (messy) setup.
  8. BTW, cutting the adapter in the way outlined above works. I did that to allow room to plug in a hard drive. I'm getting around 4200 graphics in Time Spy with my RX 480 Strix.
  9. You'll need an external display.
  10. It works. I got it, but decided to return my GPU and get a different one (Red Devil to Strix) pretty quickly, so I didn't have much time for testing. @Tesla posted some benchmarks here.
  11. @David 'SOAP' Washington@Tesla would either of you happen to know?
  12. @gerald would the adapter still function if I cut it along the line in the attached image?
  13. Is the adaptor very loose in the y410p for everyone?
  14. Has anyone made progress on enabling Nvidia cards? The bios is what's blocking it, if I remember correctly. Wasn't someone on this forum able to enable blocked wireless cards previously?
  15. @Tesla thanks for trying. If you have any more time, @goalque seems to be having success running the internal display with an eGPU by using AMD XConnect. Unfortunately, he posted his findings only an hour ago and has not clarified any of his methods. It does seem to be a promising path for driving the internal display with AMD.
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