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  1. I never have bought a computer; always built my own. EVGA is my brand of choice for hardware, they have the best customer support.
  2. I picked Alienware for the looks and cooling. And now that I have my new AW18, I'm glad I bought it.
  3. A 760 does not equal a 670. A 760 has 1152 cores while the 670 has 1344 cores. A 770 and a 680 are basically the same card though; they have the same amount of cores, just the 770 is clocked higher. If you could afford it, I would recommend getting 2 770s in SLI. I myself have 1 EVGA 670 FTW right now and will be adding another soon for BF4. I also have a Corsair H100i and love it. It cools my i7-3820 really good.
  4. Got my new Alieware 18 the other day and I am loving it. The specs on this beast of a laptop are as follows: CPU: Intel i7-4930MX Extreme factory overclocked to 4.3GHz GPUs: Dual GTX 780Ms with 4GB in SLI RAM: 16GB 1600MHz HDD: 750GB 7200rpm with 64GB mSATA SSD caching Slot loading Blu-ray player
  5. I was originally going to just get the 4900MQ as my CPU for my AW 18 (Which I just received yesterday!), but I was able to get one of the 30% dell mystery coupons so I went with the 4930MX since I was getting a great price. I agree with the people above though, get the 4930MX if you plan on overclocking a lot, otherwise just get the 4900MQ.
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