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  1. Hi, sv7 : thank you many times ! I flashed my Y500 bios (single GT 750M) I need some help for rather 'safe' overclock settings (Memo, CPU, GPU) , any ideas guys ? Is it possible to enable Nvidia Optimus ?
  2. Hi, I installed Win 7 on the msata (crucial m500) : it takes 12-14 sec to boot to logon screen I had to install from scratch but happy now : no bloatware
  3. Hi I recommend : Cooler Master Storm Sirus , very suitqble for gaming
  4. Hello I heard that windows 8 has a lower OS footprint than win 7. Has anybody seen an expert article about that ? for the moment I couldn't adapt myself to tablet-oriented GUI and was afraid about my apps compatibility so I reinstalled everything on Win 7 + msata cruciaal m500 and it's working like a charm I was worth the trouble I believe. going to wait for Win 8.2 LOL
  5. Hi if you plan to install Linux after then UEFI can be an issue
  6. Hi I've just installed win 7 on Y500 msata (Crucial M500) While installing missing drivers, I wonder Intel stuff like Rapid start or Rapid Storage, are they necessary ? I just want a minimalist config Any advices ? edit : Intel rapid start and rapid storage are rather optional in my new experience.after 1 day My laptop works well without. No error in device manager
  7. Hi imo Better City textures is a must
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