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  1. nsan1129

    unable to USB boot in UEFI, Lenovo Y400/Y500

    I'm pretty sure you can install in legacy mode then switch to UEFI afterwards and have no problems.
  2. Highly recommend the SSD. I have a Plextor 128gb M5M mSata along with the 1TB stock HD. Do a clean Windows 8 install from a disc or usb drive (you can download it from a torrent site). Just don't forget to get a screw to install the mSata drive with!
  3. I had a lot of problems with the energy management program as well until I did a clean reinstall of Windows 8 (not a recovery, used a retail disc)
  4. nsan1129

    Lenovo y500 i5 Msata or SSD

    Yeah if you have an old laptop laying around you can take it apart and steal the right size screw, heh. Otherwise remember to buy the screw when you order the mSata drive!
  5. nsan1129

    Any tips on keeping the Y500 cool?

    A thin piece of wood cut to be the same size as the laptop works beautifully.
  6. nsan1129

    Y500 - Worst Trackpad Ever?

    Supposedly Windows 8.1 is supposed to fix some stuff (assuming Synaptics updates their driver for it) but yeah just find a good little wireless mouse.
  7. nsan1129

    Sata SSD or msata SSD

    You definitely want the mSata for the y500. There are no drawbacks compared to a regular form factor ssd. I have the plextor 128gb M5M with the stock 1gb HDD and it runs like a charm. Hardest part is reinstalling the OS onto the SSD (you can't use the recovery to do this, you have to obtain a disc, easy to do from a torrent site).
  8. nsan1129

    Windows 8 and the Y500 -Your opinions please folks!

    First of all, Windows 8.1 adds a few features that make life easier. Secondly, once you get used to the new Windows 8 stuff and customize the start screen the way you like I don't see any real reason to complain. Sure it's still more cumbersome to have the start screen but it certainly isn't the end of the world. Just treat it like the big clumsy start menu that it is and you'll be fine.
  9. nsan1129

    Did my Y500 battery capacity degrade already?

    I used to have the problem where the optimized battery health resets to maximum life. I did a reinstall of windows from a Windows 8 Home disc (due to adding an ssd) and it has not changed since. Maybe doing a clean reinstall (not recovery) would do the trick.
  10. nsan1129

    Favourite desktop brand?

    Nothing premade can compare to the price/performance you get from building your own

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