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  1. hey, I am currently on A11 and whenever I try to flash back to A03, it gives me an SMI error code 0x25. I would just use the modded A11 BIOS, but I can't download any attachments from this site even though I have 5 posts... any help? EDIT: Nevermind, just tried downloading the A11 file and it works now lol.
  2. Are you sure that the clock readings that you are reading aren't just what you set the maximum clock to be when you overclocked it? If the temperature is that low, it doesn't seem possible that the GPU could be running at such a high level all the time, as it should be running at around 65-70 degrees when running that high for even a few minutes.
  3. First make sure that you selected the high-performance Nvidia graphics card in your nvidia control panel. If that doesnt solve it, then try overclocking your GPU with MSI Afterburner and Furmark, as well as disabling Turbo in the BIOS and BD Prochot with ThrottleStop. I had the same problem, and in my case at least, it was due to the CPU overheating and throttling the GPU. Before I overclocked my GPU, I could run Metro Last Light with no problems whatsoever, but The Witcher and Skyrim both lagged terribly at even the lowest graphics settings. Afterwards, they run fairly well at High settings (I have around a dozen mods active in skyrim atm)
  4. Does Windows 8 have the taskbar that can be found in W7? I was considering upgrading to W8, but I really dont like the new xbox-like dashboard. If the taskbar is still the same, then I'll probably just enjoy the upgraded performance and ignore the new touchscreen- happy dashboard feature
  5. This is pretty cool, nice work. I overclocked my M14x recently right up to the stock limit, and the hardware is more than capable of going twice or even three times the limit. The GPU barely goes up by 3 degrees at the limit lol
  6. Which revision are you referring to with the "new" one? I have the M14x R2, but I noticed somewhat recently that the R3 is out, so your post can be slightly confusing without a reference. Either way, I;m happy you like them!
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