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  1. 17.3 is a large laptop you'll probably come across mobility issues and also if you wane game go for the 15"
  2. There are some nice video's on youtube how to disassemble them
  3. I agree with Suoah. The support from MSI is slow compared to other brands like HP and Dell. But they have a real good price quality
  4. Just to be sure what kind op processor do you have in you're laptop. I know from personal experience that garry's mod is relay processor dependent and will run slow if you don't have required speed. Also when you have a lot of mods installed it becomes also laggy. I don't know about Company of Heroes maybe it is also relay processor dependent.
  5. My laptop screen just got replaces from a glossy to an anti-glare and i have to say I regret not switching sooner. Not only is the color depth of my anti glare screen better but a also can see everything on my screen when the sun on it. I dont think ill ever want a glossy screen ever again.
  6. If you take a look at these benchmarks you will see that the 680m and the 7970m are around the same performance level PassMark - Radeon HD 7970M - Price performance comparison PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmarks - Video Card Look Up So if you have the 7970m in crossfire you'll have almost 2x the performance if the game supports crossfire correctly
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