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  1. Hw ID is correct and it gets through the system compatibility check. The installation progress bar is aprox at 10%when the installation fails.
  2. Initially I got it working, had to modify the inf. file in nvidia driver. But for another reason i did a clean install, and now it won't install with the modified inf file. It get through checking system compatibility, but a while after pressing install driver the screen flashes black and the install aborts. When this happens the microsoft basic display adapter is gone from device manager. Someone has a solution?
  3. Just flashed this bios to a p870dm-g. I cannot install gpu driver, how can I fix this?
  4. I`ve tried both now with same result. No voltage control in afterburner and in nv inspector I can increase the voltage but when I undervolt and hit apply the slider jumps back to whatever it was.
  5. Thanx. I now have the svl7 bios on my card, msi afterburner won`t allow me to change voltage and nvidia inspector only lets me overvolt What program do you use?
  6. I`m sorry for not reading the whole thread, as my question may already have been answered. But will this bios let me undervolt my 980m?
  7. Preordered, so looking foreward to the beta. Just hope it will feel like battlefield 4 and not battlefield 3.5.
  8. I have a h110, and have nothing bad to say about it. Fairly quiet and provides good cooling.
  9. Vice method is in my opinion much easier and faster then using a razor. My 4770k does 4.6ghz at 1.32v, so not the best chip
  10. How big performance gain can I expect on a gtx 780 sc with acx cooler, it can do about 1220 mhz core on 1.2v
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