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  1. Hi guys, at least I successfully installed Intel 6235 wifi adapter into my Y580. The last question is: do I have to replace Y580 antennas with the ones which came with Intel 6235 for 5Ghz? Thanks.
  2. Undervolting is good way to keep everything cool. Don't know if it works on Y580, but on my second laptop Dell Lattitude 6400 repasting and undervolting gave about 10-15C less CPU temp.
  3. Gryzor


    I've got old DELL 2408WFP. It's good that it has composite and component inputs, because I have old game consoles like PS2. I'm trying to find replacement, but have no luck
  4. Yeah, same here. I just spent nearly half an hour trying to find this goddamn little screw!
  5. You can install any mSATA, everything will work (i.e. Plextor M5M)
  6. I'm curious about undervolting 3630QM as well. Is it possible?
  7. Do they fix this problem with too much of thermal paste in the latest Y580 revisions? My Y580 is about 3 month old, does it worth to repaste? It seems too hard for me to disassemble the whole notebok (moreover asseble it again in its initial state ), so good work, sir!
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