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  1. well, i finished by buying an external USB sound card. do you think that next driver versions from idt or nvidia can avoid the problem ? well, i can't wait more. i must kill somethings in BF3 :-) rendez-vous on the battlefield my callsign is "euthanazor"
  2. well i can't flash the vbios. GPU mismatch i think that the solution is to change the IRQ of the nvidia card. when running in degraded mode : - the GTX card use IRQ7 - the internal audio part of the mother board use IRQ 10 when running in normal mode, the two cards use IRQ 10 i try to change IRQ from windows. but it seems to be impossible from the device manager any idea ?
  3. hi, from nvidia inspector, i can see : - the manufacturer is DELL - GPU is GK104 revision A2 - BIOS is i buy it from eurocom on ebay i'm afraid to flash the VBIOS. do you really think that it will help me ? IRQ is 7 for the GTX 780M. is it possible to change it ?
  4. hi SVL7 you're my new best friend :-) it works. i can boot normaly to window. now, i've the images... how can i have the sounds toto,
  5. hi guys i read your interresting posts. but finaly, i cant boot windows 7 normally. the unlocked bios A12 reconize the card :- i disabled IGD - PEG is set primary and always enabled. the "workaround" is set too. windows doesn't boot. i can see the window's logo drawing, but i have a dark (or white) screen in place of the login screen. i must boot in degraded mode with network. the nvidia driver from eurocom don't work. it didn't recognize the card. i found a patch for the nvidia card on internet. the install look good. but when i want to test the performance with a game, it's slow. (perhap's because of the degraded mode) when i try to boot normally, it's the same i can see the window's logo drawing, but i have a dark (or white) screen in place of the login screen. is it possible that the problem is somewhere else ? power AC for exemple ? please, i didn't shoot gamers on BF3 from 2 weeks. help me :-)
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