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  1. For my home 17" laptop i don't have a bag at all, since i hardly go anywhere with it and if so, then i can simply place it on the back seat of the car and it'll be just as fine as within a sleeve or any other light fabric carry case, since it does seem to me as well, that there are very few decent hard cases around these days, if any. For my work Latitude however i have a pretty robust carrying case.
  2. Owned a Clevo W150ERQ last year and the fan noise under load (over 50db) was pretty much the only thing that annoyed me about it. However when idle or under light load, it was basically totally silent.
  3. Additionally SLI/Crossfire solutions might experience some screen tearing issues, that can be quite annoying.
  4. At the time of purchase (December 2012), this laptop had the best combination of quality/performance for the money, that i could find in a 17 incher. And it still could be, since i have yet seen another in the same price range, that i would like to replace it with.
  5. I personally think that in some conditions glossy does occasionally look better, but for work i think that one has to use a matte screen, to avoid any annoying distractions.
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