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  1. Yeah that should be typical for a an SLI system. Your score seems low because of the CPU score, but in reality the cpu won't bottleneck the GPU's that much, if at all, the 4700mq is a great mobile processor, and no mobile processor, even OC'ed will be able to match the score of the a 780m SLI GPU Score.
  2. Sounds like they're overclocking (seems as if boost is disabled) and your cards are overheating. On stock your GPU score should be around 14,000. Try resetting the vBIOS to stock and see if you're getting around those scores. I have seen reports of dell 780ms only scoring around the 5500-6000 mark out of the box.
  3. Question: say if I use slv7 vbios and keep the clocks at 1000 cpu core and a +300ish memory OC, will that severely limit the life of my card? or will it be pretty safe.?
  4. elmyo

    780m GTX Overclocking

    Whats your GPU score? if you have a 4700mq, then you're probably reaching around 9000-9200 on your GPU score. I think the 240w PSU is a dell slim or something like that, i'll have to look it up again. *edit* andfor the vbios flash all i'd need is nvflash, the files, a usb stick and knowing the commands?
  5. elmyo

    780m GTX Overclocking

    Ive heard people using 240W dell PSUs on their MSIs, but they run about 120 bucks or so. Also im a bit hesitant to do a vBIOS flash because this pc is fairly new, and I would haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate to brick the card on a 2,300 dollar laptop. Also i've never does a vBIOS flash before but i'd be willing to try. I wish the MSIs came with better psus, as hybrid power simply cannot compensate enough for the lack of power for this pc. I have a feeling anything over low 9000s will run into a power issue. The Kepler line is one hell of an overclocking line. I just learned yesterday some users have been pushing their P3500 stock 670mxs to around 6500 gpu scores, which to me is absolutely unreal.
  6. elmyo

    Msi-gt683 + nvidia 675m = true?

    To the ones that changed to the 7970m, are your 3d mark GPU scores around the 5500-6000 mark? or are they a little lower?
  7. QUick question: do the 670mx's really overclock to 680m speeds?
  8. Hello all! I am a current owner of an MSI GT70 20D. The GPU runs great and all, and this is the fastest laptop gpu i've had to date. I've seen various overclocking/vbios flashes with Sager/Clevos on other sites, but I haven't seen any people with an MSI GT60 or 70 post overclocking benchmark results with a flashed msi 780m gtx. The only overclocking with this laptop ive done is with msi afterburner, just a software overclock. The highest GPU score i'm able to achieve is around 8500, and afterburner doesn't go higher than 135 core. Now the question is, if i were to flash the vbios, change the voltage settings around, what kind of typical performance increase would i be able to expect on a 180w PSU with hybrid power? Would I be able to hit 9000+ in 3d mark? or will my system not be able to provide enough power. Also would a 240w be better? Ive seen people on other sites hit 10000+ with their overclocks, but for the most part I've seen around the 9000-9500 mark but the gpus were clevo 780ms.
  9. Sounds like optimus not switching initially, due to the fact games such as garrys mod run on the source engine. Just set the gpu to high performance global settings ans make personalized profiles for the applications to use your 770m, and if that doesn't solve your problem, then try updating to the latest beta drivers on nvidias site.
  10. Hey, Im new to the whole VBIOS modding thing. How easy/difficult would it be to revert back to the stock BIOS if I wanted to change it back?

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