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  1. This is great work! I have a few questions though. How much strain does this place on the actual thunderbolt port? Isn't there a lot of heat generated in the process? I am also pretty confused with the wiring of the whole set up. I am definitely intrigued into trying this set up, but on the contrary thinking about buying a new tower PC, (but that would be a bit more expensive). Could you please explains the first two steps more deeply? Or would it become obvious once I actually buy the Sonnet Echo SE? Thanks!
  2. This is AWESOME! I have been waiting for this solution to come for so long! I will definitely try this out over the weekend! However I have a question regarding OSX. Many of us use OSX for video editing, and if I were able to use this method to boost my graphics card on OSX that would make my life complete. Currently my macbook retina's 13" graphics is a bit too slacky and slow for what I do in terms of editing. Do you think it would be possible to make this work for video editing on OSX any time soon? Kind Regards

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