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  1. yea it's rebooting constantly with uefi enabled. If i set it too Legacy boot it just freezes when the Lenovo logo appears. When i remove the usb stick it just boots into Windows 8. Could it be a problem with the usb stick? When i go navigate to the USB stick in explorer it doesnt show any files other than: fparts.txt fpt.exe prr.exe v204mod.bin When i created the USB with the HP tool i selected the 'Win98' folder, not the underlying CDROM folder, could that be causing the problem?
  2. I updated my bios version to V2.02, then i created the dos bootdisk and placed all the files on the root of the usbstick. (prr, fpt, modded bios) but when i reboot my Y500 it keeps on looping :s what am i doing wrong? I followed the steps to the letter. i tried booting using Legacy instead of UEFI but that didn't work either..
  3. Few days ago i saw 'Olympus Has Fallen' it's a bit over the top action movie but it was fun
  4. There are some options that can improve your WiFi signal; Place your router / access point in a place where there is as little interference as possible (avoid junction boxes). If your in a place like an apartment/flat/student housing where there are alot of WiFi networks, try changing the channels. Extend the range of your network with another accesspoint or range extender.
  5. Few months ago i purchased a Kingston HyperX 3K 120 GB ssd drive, i installed it in my Lenovo Y500 (i5) and performed a clean Windows 8 install. It's blazing fast! From the moment i boot my notebook it takes less then 10 seconds to boot to the windows 8 login, 2 seconds after entering my security credentials i'm good to go It's definately worth buying an SSD, not to mention the obvious performance gains, it also increases your battery life as an SSD doesn't have moving parts. This also means it's not generating as much heat as a traditional HD which is better for the lifespan of your notebook
  6. I had the same problem about UEFI not recognizing my USB stick as a bootable UEFI device. However after obtaining a legitimate Windows 8 ISO and using the tutorial on this site (i used Rufus to create a usb bootdisk), UEFI detected the USB stick and booted from it. It also recognized my Windows 8 serial that's embedded in UEFI, and Windows 8 was activated without a problem
  7. My BIOS says it's version v1.03, can i just flash it with v2.02 without getting into any problems? I've never flashed a BIOS so i'm kinda nervous about messing with it, however i really want to upgrade my wifi card
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