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  1. Star Citizen is amazing already with Arena Commander. A lot of the time has been spent underneath the hood, but a lot of that is already done and so they are going to start pushing out a lot of new content starting in March with the FPS mod. I have pledged and I'm co-founder of an Organization. I love the Super Hornet, makes mincemeat of the Vanduul. I also have a Constellation Aquila for exploration and cargo. I actually met Chris Roberts at PAX South - San Antonio at the townhall meeting and you get the feeling these guys are totally invested in making everything they've promised happen.
  2. I'm really excited about No Man Sky. That looks like it has a ton of potential. Also hoping next Assassin's Creed takes a longer time to get pushed out so Ubi can make it PROPERLY without all the stupid bugs
  3. I also bought the Collector's Edition and played for only like a week or two. I think alot of it is that we are spoiled by "real" Elder Scrolls games actually made by Bethesda (whereas ESO is actually made by Zenimax). The combat on ESO is not as smooth or as fun. Using bow and arrow is hit and miss (pun intended) and just alot of weak combat mechanics. Crafting is one of the neat additions but never really seems to hit its stride. The big turn off for me was how that the dungeons are certain areas are sooo much harder than you are and therefore forces you to either aggro one at a time or team up. While I like MMO's (I have sunk countless days in WOW), I really don't play them for the multiplayer aspect. I like soloing. Just my 2 cents. I might come back once it's f2p just to see if they've improved any aspects. But no doubt they will go to micro-transactions to make up for no subscriptions in some form.
  4. But i don't think it's worth upgrading from 1866 to 2133, right?
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