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  1. Hi all, I just got a Clevo P150SM and looking forward to flashing svl7's VBIOS to unlock higher clocks on the GTX 780M! Aside from that, I am a tech gadget enthusiast. I've been interested in computers and gadgets for the longest time, but never got around to learning about them academically or professionally (I'm a biology geek primarily, although computational biology is something I would really like to get into!). Hopefully I'll be able to learn a thing or two (or 47) from these forums!
  2. Sodalitas

    Gaming Headset

    I'm using the Plantronics GameCom 780, and they have really comfortable earpieces (at least for my head size), but they do get a little warm after a long time of using them.
  3. It actually sounds like Optimus is not working properly on your setup. Have you gone into the Nvidia Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Global settings tab -> set Preferred graphics processor to your 770m, and try again?
  4. Sodalitas

    Glossy or matte(anti-glare)

    Matte screen for me too. Especially since I use my laptop in bright surroundings!

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