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  1. I hope i can get my card stable with this BIOS. I can get it to 1150 stable in games but the second i go over that and play Far Cry 3 for instance, it just black screens and i have to do the three finger dance to remedy it. Yet when i first got the card, i could get it to 1200mhz(not sure on the variable, but i know it was the 1200 clock) and be fine on +38mv but now it doesnt like it at all.
  2. They go where the money goes =/ It will still be a great game, question is how great... I used to be a huge CoD fan but realizing the massive change that occurred after cod4 and mw2 i just lost interest, maybe it's because of all the morons that play COD with their god complex haha
  3. The h100i is definitely a nice piece of equipment, especially for the price and the ease of installation and what not. I used to swear that i would never own a watercooled system, and the h100i made me decide otherwise, now i need to get a custom loop
  4. Does anyone regard buying a 780 and wishes they got a titan? lol
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