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  1. I feel like you. No matter if Windows 8, Windows 7 or linux. This is horrable and for me just accaptable because the price of this machine was so good. I tried it with deactivating all gestures and it was just half worse. I can live without all these gesture stuff but i realy have problems with doing left or right clicks in the proper situations. I hate it. Sometimes less is more. It would better have two real buttons.
  2. Hey, I have the same problem. Is setting legacy support really the solution. I dont't want to Windows install the comaptible mode. Is Windows building uefi drive drive although legacy support is selected? Otherwise it would be useless.
  3. Here is the Maintance Manual from lenovo: http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/ideapad_y400y500_hmm_1st_edition_sep_2012_english.pdf and here the service training videos IdeaPad Y400/Y500 Service Training
  4. You are right. There are some features that could make Windows 8 the better choice. In questions of of performance Win8 and Win7 are on a par. MS would be clever to make a classic design possible by default. Then nobody would talk about it. I decided to chose Win7 again because I'm not ready to try something new but the time will come. I am sure I would use the classic shell. I like my clear starmenu and my desktop. I can not take pleasure in tiles. If you are free in your choice an ready for Win8 than take it. The Y500 is designed for it. The super duper Tochpad with multi touch gestures was integrated for that reason.Some kunktion keys will not work on Windows 7. (F9 and above)
  5. Very detailed information. Thank you for that. Lenovo forces me to break my warrenty to get it.Installing a third antenna is no alternative for that reason. Installing the bios is acceptable as long I can rebuild my backup in a warrenty case.
  6. Thank you for the quick answer svl7. In the meantime i found a shop wich sell it here in Germany with the two year warrenty. That's a little bit more expensive but I have more confidence in that. I have no experience with aliexpress. Der Pcspezialist für Regensburg Notebookservice*-*Mainboard für Asus G71V Serie
  7. Hey folks, I still have my damaged G71V Notebook that whas fast enough for all the business work. It has a problem with the power jack. I tried to repair it but failed with destroying the mainboard. I want to get a new and give that notebook to my girlfriend because it as good as many new ones and i pimped it with an SSD and more RAM. It was fine until it was broken. My problem, I can not find a mainboard replacement for an acceptable price. (less then 150€) I prefer to buy it within the European Union because of the customs duty. But i can't find it. Is there any shop that still can deliver the mainboard.
  8. I like it clean and simple. For a better overwiew with many open windows I need the taskbar on the side to have it like an application stack.
  9. The part list in the maintaince manual of the Y500/Y400 contains the "WLAN, 3*3 Intel 6300N MOW M PCIE NB HMC (LI) 20002323 **". Is it possible to use this card without moddes bios? Do the Y500 have 3 antennas to connect it with that card otherwise it makes no sense to use it. The card has no blutooth support. I guess that means if using it the y500 have no bluetooth anymore. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  10. The HDD activity led is one of the things I really miss on my Y500 and I can only accept taht because of the price. There are some situations I want to know if the notebook is still working or does nothing. Without the led it is not possible. I use Drives Meter now but thats just a dissappointing compromise.
  11. I like to have lot of data withe me on my notebook. My old Asus G71V had two sata ports, so I put a real sata ssd into it. My new Y500 do not have a second hd, unless I abdicate the second graphics adapter. So I decided to by an msata ssd for it. Now I have a big hard drive an adequate ssd.
  12. Sorry if this is an allready asked question but 112 sides are very much. There is this sli bug with y500 and windows 7. When restarting windows the second graphics adapter is not recognized. The workaround is a complete shutdown. Does anybody know if this problem can solved by a newer BIOS version. I still have the stock 1.5. [EDIT] Now i was able to test it myself because I reached the 5 Post goal. Updatet from 1.5 to 2.02 and tried a reboot. Et voilà, both card were recognized by Windows 7 after the reboot. Thank you very much for this update. In my opinion it is a horrable support by lenovo. There is that known bug and they have the solution for everybody but don't give it to us. Good to know for me when buying the next notebook.
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