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  1. This is supposed to turn off the fan when the dedicated GPU is on standby, right? I set the option to BACO and the fan is still on. Edit: I had to reinstall the drivers after the BIOS update, it's fine now.
  2. Hi, I'm using the latest 1.1v for the P157SM. I'm trying to swap the FN key and Super key and I enabled the option in the BIOS but nothing changed? Any workarounds? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, the latest version did the trick for the flashing. So far I haven't seen anything weird going on. I'm a bit surprised the subvendor didn't change with the flash to something else.
  4. I tried flashing the BIOS using nvflash but it says I need a newer version... isn't the latest?
  5. What clock speed does the 780M generally top out? I've seen some people running 1100 MHz on the core or so but I'm not sure that's sustainable beyond benchmarking.
  6. You could try asking a Sager/Clevo reseller/system builder. They generally have them for 100 bucks or so.
  7. I prefer a sturdy, well cushioned backpack. I wouldn't put the laptop in bare though. Probably best to have a sleeve over it (as I do). Messenger bags would come in second if I'm trying to travel lighter.
  8. Some people honestly don't care for the looks though. I'm happy if it just has a multi-colored keyboard. Clevo/Sager generally has the best bang for the buck and while minimalist, still looks attractive IMO. The latest line-up with the illuminated trackpad however looks fugly.
  9. I selected the 95% gamut matte display for my P157SM. I personally can't stand glossy displays since well... the reflections. Take your laptop outside on a sunny day and it's hell.
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