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  1. no it doesn't work and i have no time to fix the bug :/
  2. try this version http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/em10149.exe
  3. i7 4702MQ Can anyone mod this Bios ?InsydeCorp.-V1.13.zip
  4. you must fix all error and warning reports and patch the gpu part .. I also would do that but I don't have enough time for it :/
  5. A dsdt for the lenovo y500 its needed for a Mac OS X installation
  6. You only need to patch it DSDT.zip
  7. Can anyone help me i try to unlock the advanced options but i nothing found :/ here is the bios file: http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp55501-56000/sp55657.exe
  8. in every driver is the same problem :/
  9. Windows 8 is better than 7 i like the new Design and the Gaming Perfomance is better
  10. My GTX Titan is always on Boost also in Office Word or in Tetris ._. i have the 326.19 Driver
  11. Killer Gaming :: Solutions :: Killer? Wireless-N 1103 The N 1103 have more Power but no Bluetooth
  12. i bought a Lenovo y500 GT650 SLI but WIDI doesnt work :/ Can anyone help me ?
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