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  1. How could you guys get 7500~ Physics score on 3D Mark 11 ? Every time I try, I get only 5500~ Physics score, please help...
  2. @eillienroc Thanks for the reply, that shows the screen problem and this cable is not connected whit each other. I assume you are using Lenovo Y500, is this cable visible on your device, or it doesn't ?
  3. Hi all; I'm having some strange problems when booting up my Lenovo Y500 past two days. When I power up the device, screen doesn't turn on as it was before. One way that I able to use the computer is closing the top cover and re-opening it. But before doing this I need to wait around twentyfive seconds until the system boots. If I'm a bit quick and do this top cover trick before the lockscreen appears ( of corse I need to guess every time ) the screen turns on but there is no video on it. This way the screen turns on and everything is normal until I reboot or shotdown the device. For a good understanding I have taken a short video to explane the situation... Edit: Please take a look what I have found last night. Is this the screen cable ? Correct me if I wrong but I'm clearly sure that this thing doesn't have to seen from there... Is there any possibility that these are some kind of hardware problem, not the software one ? I really need your help bros, thanks in advance... ( I'm sorry about my English, thanks for reading )
  4. Thanks for your reply. I don't know how to disable Nvidia Control Panel but could you please tell me how to enable this. I want to check if it's disabled or not. Bluetooth problem is solved, I really appreciate it...
  5. Hi guys; I got some minor problems after succesfully flashing the modded Bios. The first one is the Nvidia Control Panel seems to be not working. Nvidia Experience is working well but I can't access to Nvidia Control Panel. Second one is the Bluetooth settings that shows in the tray area doesn't show when I first boot the system. Interestingly when I restart the system Bluetooth icon shows and I can access the Bluetooth Settings window. Otherwise everything is fine. I got a great performance boost whit scoring ~4600P on 3DMark 11 and getting 10fps more on Crysis 3 at the same settings. Hopefull I can fix this two minor problems, whit your helps of course. Thanks in advance...
  6. I love Windows 8, it's much more compact and user friendly...
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