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  1. Thank you Chad. I originaly have chosen that one because it was on the Lenovo compatible list. I guess the point is moot if the bios is flashed. The ebay seller confirmed that the bios need to be flashed but I will wait until I receive the card. If it works with no flashing, even better.
  2. I have a different take on this. I use win8 as a host and do all my surfing, banking, tests on different VMs. I run Win7 on my VMs but used the speed boost of Win8 on my host. I get the best of both world. I am running win 8.1 preview but didn't notice any improvements compared to win8... the "come" back of the start button is laughable.
  3. Had mine for a week before swapping. I am running windows 8.1 Preview but it's just as fast as Win8.
  4. Same here. Running W9 with some huge VMs. I replaced the stock HDD with a Samsung 840 Pro 256. I need a lot of space for my VM. Planning to put the HDD caddy instead of the 750m and recycling the original hdd. Since I am not really gaming for now. Here is the link to the caddy I bought. I will report back once I receive it. New 9 5mm 2nd SSD HDD Hard Drive Optical Bay Caddy Adapter for Lenovo Y400 Y500 | eBay Does anyone know if Lenovo also whitelisted the msata?
  5. Hello I was wondering if this broadcom BCM943228HMB WIFI Wireless N BT Bluetooth 4.0 Half MINI Card would be compatible with the Y500 once it's flashed? Thank you
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