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  1. OK, i'll search a heat gun Thanks for the help Envoyé de mon Nexus 5 en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. I have a good soldering iron so i hope it will be ok Is it really complicated?
  3. Hi! The system was booting with the 780m before the bad flash It's seem that I have 2 solutions: - buy an alienware m18 → flash my bricked gpu with the sli (too expensive) - buy Dell Alienware Nvidia GTX780M 780M Video Card Replacement Vbios V Bios Chip 256K | eBay → I order one and i'm wainting for it...
  4. eng or french But I don't know if your motherboard is supported. You can try and see if it works
  5. Did you try "fan control tools by Pherein"?
  6. Hi! I recently upgrade my gpu from 670mx gtx to 780m gtx! My board is ms16f3. (msi gt60 0nc) Unfortunatly, I made a bad vbios flash :-( Now : If i boot with 780m: stuck at msi logo screen If i disable 780m, the laptop boot without problem but i have no access to the card → no nvflash to recover If i remove the card, boot without problem If i boot with the old 670mx → no problem Please, is it possible to force boot on igp while keeping the 780m awake and so make a nvfash? I have an unlock bios : Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for your answer. But in fact, with 3d mark 06 for example, the number of fps go down too
  8. Hi! I have a msi gt60 0nc with 670mx/ i5 3230m When i begin to overclock the GDDR more than 300/400mhz, i have this problem (see the picture) Idem for the core Do you know what's the problem? P.S.: overvolt doesn't help
  9. Loïc Marin

    Fan control

    How to control fan on MSI GT/GX (not GE)? Install RWEverything: http://rweverything.com/downloads/RwX64V1.6.4.zip Download "Fan control Tools by Pherein" : Fan Control Tools by Pherein v1.0.4.rar Unzip in the installation folder of RWEverything Open "Fan profile applier" and set your notebook (16F2-12 for msi gt60/70) Select Profile -> "Quiet" and check remember (x3) Apply!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Don't apply "max" profile (can cause shutdown) Use your own setting with the "Fan Profile Editor.exe"
  10. Hi, I had a hp envy dv6 (3 month) and had temp like 105C (cpu) and 90C (gpu). Was it a problem with my laptop or is it "normal" cause it's an hp? Sorry for my poor english I also notice that hp said my gpu is a 635m gt but it's a 630m gt rebrand... Thanks HP...
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