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  1. Hey guys just wonder if we had any more feed back on this? A little pissed to be honest that Dell arn't supporting it as all the other features including the HDMI in work fine
  2. Ok guys found the issue, it seems i was sent the clevo card not the dell, the clevo oc bios worked fine
  3. Hey all, Just got a dell 680m 4gig was wanting to flash the dell OC bios, but it gives me Board ID mismatch any help please
  4. Hi All would like to say a big thank you to svl7 for all his hard work getting a 680m (dell) from my m17xr3 3d so can't wait to flash the bios and get it tweeked. I would just like to check before i start flashing about the cross vender compatibility or should i just stick with dell bios. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work
  5. pull the bios battery and it should reset everything
  6. Hi all would just like to say thankyou for the hard work was a a08 user but now enjoying the unlocked a12 also using a crucial ssd and so far no issues. On a side note it would be nice to see a guide for all the extra menus even it it was look but dont touch these.
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