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  1. Love the concept, hopefully the price won't be too crazy but I like the whole idea of the eGPU, anyone know if the core will take any 980ti cards like the ASUS Strix or EVGA SC ? Or any 980ti cards? What pin connectors does it use? Would a 980ti be overkill with the CPU inside the Stealth? Any opinions on what would be a good match? It would be amazing for Razer to sell the CORE as a stand alone unit and work for other thunderbolt equipped laptops, I just like the elegant simplicity of how it potentially all works.
  2. Anyone know if Mythlogic uses there own (Prema?) BIOS that allows OCing? Not that I do it often but I'd like to have the option available, does this affect MSI's GT72 series as well.
  3. You want something thin and lite the CLEVO P650SG/Sager NP8652 are what your looking for .
  4. Any step by step guides on how to flash the new bios?
  5. MOFO

    IMAGINE: NEW Clevo Models

    PM them or send them an email, they are pretty good with any questions you have. I hope they use that screen too
  6. MOFO

    IMAGINE: NEW Clevo Models

    Anyone know when the new 17" Z series models are coming in?
  7. Very nice, any problems with the card? I have read it has issues with Blutooth ,thinking of upgrading so any info would be great..
  8. Currently with team green and love it. Better driver support and no enduro problems, overall nVIDIA puts out better quality products in my opnion.
  9. Hi! Just ordered a new MSI GT60 with GTX 780M and waiting for it to arrive, love these forums and can't wait to try all these crazy BIOS mods and OC the crap out of this thing. Great stuff here.
  10. NZXT CRYO cooler user and it's great no loud annoying fans
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