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  1. Haha, esh. The only logic I can see MS forcing the "Metro" on desktop is to get developers making more apps for the phone/tablet iterations. Seems unsuccessful thus far given the share they have but you gotta start somewhere. I personally think Metro is a great interface/design for their phone. Desktop they are blowing it. I've been using metro on my HTC which I've been pretty happy with. Still has a was to go on more mature android but if MS doesn't crap out like they did with the Zune they might have a chance. Granted I believe they stated Zune was dying cause they were putting all that in their phones. . . MS seems to be in a rut of lack of innovation, coming late to established markets, and then dumping all before getting established. Oh well, least their security posture has improved a ton and still am happy with most of their product but seems Ill skip this whole Win8/Office 2013 cycle of blocky square design bloat for Desktop.
  2. Spring Breakers - 6/10 Was good if you dig Harmony Korine flicks. More tame then usual which is still excess for most Riff Raff makes a appearance as James Franco. Good watch just don't expect a point in the end. Harmony tends to focus on the waste time and despair of early youth. Jack Reach(around)er - 3.5/10 Boring and predictable over the top "24" type movie. Okay if you are multitasking something else. Dark Skies - 7.5/10 Liked it a lot as it is feasible horror done well. Don't want to say too much to give it away but it is more feasible then most horror. Sinister - 4/10 Lame predictable horrors. Does a good job building immersion at the start only to keep on with the predictability of the plot. "Scene plays of a family of 4, 3 which hanging from a tree and the child is missing. Who hung the family?" DURP
  3. Carach Angren - The Funerary Dirge of a Violonist Which they recently did a video for.
  4. Ahoy, Live on computers (work and play). Use them for music production primarily with cubase. instruments: Play guitar, drums. Genres Played: Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal. Games: Eve, TSW, Tera, and a RTSes these days game wise. Have two alienware computers I love. m14xr1 and a R4.
  5. Meh, I stick with Win7 on my m14xr1. I was hoping that "Blue" / 8.1 brings back features that make the OS more fluid on a desktop. Has anyone played with the preview release of 8.1?
  6. My m14x has been a great laptop for me. Though I mainly use it for non-FPS type games like Eve, RTSes, etc. and sequencing midi drums in cubase. I think it was a solid deal at the time (~2011) from the Dell Outlet and recently upgraded the HD to SSD and was hoping the SLV7 BIOS mod will help push it to sata 3. Still love the display on it. Yes, you can probably get a laptop with better specs but everything works and looks (subjective) great. If you think the m14x doesn't look good / don't care and are going for most spec for buck you probably can find something better.
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