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  1. New options are great! I noticed CPU utilization is now working for haswells. Ran a benchmark just to test things out. Had CPU utilization on the left side, GPU utilization in the middle, and GPU temp on the right. The keyboard lit up like a disco ball during the bench. The UI looks much more clean and intuitive. Setting temp colors is perfect - lets me know if I am really really pushing the computer by making red actually showing "red-line". I am not a huge fan for bling just for blings sake but you turned a fairly meh feature of "look at me!" into a very useful tool. I can see using this under normal circumstances as being important as I use my computer in a fairly "dusty" environment (pets) and this could help day to day monitoring of potential clogging of the heatsinks over time. I had overtemp issues on my macbook pro and it turned out dust bunnies moved in. This app could assist in monitoring for cooling degradation over time without having to watch past graphs from previous months.
  2. AMD/Nvidia appear to swap positioning a lot. My experience so far is AMD chips tend to run hotter than NVIDIA. It's as if they push their chips much much harder to keep up or surpass the competition.
  3. Yes for the most part many AAA titles come out for the PC right out of the gate. In recent years, many companies are porting them over to Mac. This was due to Mac going to an x86 architecture making it relatively easy. I personally own a 2011 Mac Book Pro and a Sager P8250. Each laptop serves a specific need/want and each performs their function admirably. I use my Macbook Pro for my normal day to day stuff and for light gaming. When I really want to pull the stops out, I use the Sager. As to OSs, I have to hand it to Apple for a "tweak/fix" free experience where things just work. The OS is fairly intuitive and working between applications is a breeze. In a productive environment I find the OS just performs much better overall. I am not referring to speed or anything really technical but user usability. Expose is a feature I just absolutely live by when using multiple photo editing and video software. As to running Win 7 on the macbook - it runs great with no issues that I have noticed. Some people say it runs better but I am inclined to believe the OS is just solid. Win 8 on the other hand will require some time investment to relearn the intuitive system. Either way, I hope this helps and good luck with your purchase.
  4. RobBug

    Gaming Mouse

    I use a G700s - great mouse if you have larger hands. Wired/wireless option awesome. Plus onboard profile memory is great as it works with or without the setpoint software.
  5. Logitech G700s - great mouse. Fits my hands quite well. I use it around 3000dpi. I got the cheapest steelseries fabric mousepad - a bit thicker than the Razer mousepad but much less prone to curling of the corners.
  6. I'd be willing to help.. within reason
  7. First - thanks for working on this app. I love the functionality it provides with respect to temperature and gpu utilization. So here is my feedback and items that I noticed: 1. During the first wave of the keyboard modification app, pizzadude had a function that would change the center color of the keyboard based on whether the igp or gpu was operating. This was nice vs the gpu utilization feature but this is a small thing. 2. On the utilization feature, it would be nice if the gpu is at 0% the color was something other than black. Having some back light is better than none. 3. On occasion in Win 8, the minimize function would not minimize to tray but to a small rectangle (title only) in the lower left hand corner. Not reliably reproducable.. I am working on seeing what conditions would cause this. 4. A big one for myself - Haswell support for IGP and CPU temp polling. 5. Polling would cause 3dmark 11 to crash on an unspecified error with stock Sager Nvidia drivers 311.27. This happened about 30 - 40% of the time with no specific conditions besides both programs running. - this issue was resolved with the new WHQL drivers just released. 6. Is it possible to open the configuration screen in a window vice going full screen or is that pretty much hardcoded with the hotkey app? Just curious. 7. If possible, could the app be set up to automatically disable polling with an "exit" color choice when the laptop is removed to battery and then resume when plugged in? Might be difficult to program that all in and the return might not be worth it. i.e - if going on battery - shut the program down lazy person Most of the above are minor things. I think the Haswell detection is the biggest thing I noted. It cuts the functionality pretty much by 2/3rds for those with the newer models. I want to reiterate this is an awesome start and I appreciate this a lot. I will make this post in the notebook review forums so you all can get more feedback. Thanks again for this app and for your time!
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