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  1. Interesting to note updating over the old driver never unlocked the sliders, I had to do a complete fresh install. Either way I now have k4000m performance for free!
  2. 346 and 600, runs cool with zero issues. core 1ghz, mem 2ghz.
  3. 4 hours at 300 core and 600 memory with no issues, 66 Celsius.
  4. So I downloaded the new driver, (beta). Did a complete uninstall, then rebooted, fresh install, and without trying a new flash it has unlocked the sliders. I am a happy camper! your the man! Thank you so much. I am going to run some benches and report back. I have been running a memory OC of 600Mhz stable for weeks so I will see what the core does.
  5. I will give it a shot. Could you tell if the vbios I posted had the expected modifications? I am trying to determine if the bios is actually being modified. If it is and not unlocking it must be built into the PC. If it isnt being modified maybe I am flashing it wrong or need to do something special for this computer. Thanks for trying so much to help me with this.
  6. I reset bios, left it unplugged with battery removed overnight, then also tried updating the bios to version 41 this morning. I set the USB security in the bios to "change" and have reflashed the vbios. Unfortunately still locked sliders. Ill update the post with current vbios to see if the flash is actually going in. does it matter the hp bios is smaller than the other quadro k3000m? I tried it but it errored and told me I had a pci mismatch. - - - Updated - - - this should reflect the OC bios. It was taken this morning after I had flashed several times over the last few days. GK104.zip
  7. It is windows 7, but it is a enterprise PC. Does win7 have secure boot? can it be disabled in Bios. - - - Updated - - - From HP <dl><dt>Security management </dt><dd> Standard: HP Client Security Dashboard (Windows 8 only) HP ProtectTools Security Manager includes: Credential Manager, Device Access Manager, Drive Encryption, Face Recognition (webcam configurations only), File Sanitizer (Windows 7 only), Privacy Manager (Windows 7 only), Embedded Security (Windows 7 only) HP Fingerprint Sensor Integrated Smart Card Reader Enhanced Pre-Boot Security HP Spare Key One-Step Logon TPM 1.2 Embedded Security Chip Security lock slot Support for Intel AT (requires Absolute Computrace subscription) (select models) Optional: HP Privacy Filter Computrace (sold separately and requires the purchase of subscription) </dd></dl>
  8. flashed it again for good measure. No change. This model might be unique.
  9. weird, must be hw locked or something. the flash says it is complete, but sliders still locked.
  10. here you go. This is the screenshot from inside nvidiainspector.
  11. GPU Slider still locked for GPU. Should it be unlocked for perf level 2.
  12. stockbios.zip lets see if this works! Thank you for the help it means a lot and I have no problems donating for a computer when I get paid.
  13. is there a place to upload the current vbios?
  14. I'm new to this, should I try and extract the hp vbios first and have it checked out? nvidia inspector reports [modified] with a gpu of gk104gl rev. a2
  15. Wow, I was hoping someone had experience turning one of these up. Mine runs stable on max gpu 135 OC and also runs with zero issues with a 500Mhz Memory OC. The fan doesn't even ramp up as long as I have it in a cool room or off the table a inch or so. At least with World of Tanks it cleans my gtx660m's clock.
  16. So I have my old Work computer, It was a y580 that after warranty expired the board went out due to battery calibration. It still works on AC. As a whole how are these running with the GPU at 1GHZ? Are people doing cooling mods or will it run stock provided you let it breath naturally? I can treat this computer as a project now as I have a shiny new HP Elitebook 8770w with the Quadro k3000.
  17. Doesnt look like many people have these. I noticed in the Bios section of Nvidia Inspector it shows a modified Bios. Has anyone extracted this particular models Bios yet?
  18. So I needed a new work computer to replace a testing PC I had previously. They bought me a HP EliteBook 8770w. I like it a lot and the Quadro k3000 runs well. It runs 135 mhz overclocked all day long with a 500 mhz memory overclock without breaking a sweat. I have seen where some have overclocked the core with a bios mod. I was interested in finding more info. The Quadros can be a rare bird to find info on.
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