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  1. As in it ships unlocked? Definitely not true.
  2. Yeah, more than worth the $3 they want - and that's for 2 computers. Learning the Win-X shortcut was great for me, too - but I guess that's more just re-acclimating to Windows after years in OS X.
  3. Also on 2.04 here - eagerly waiting, and glad to send something over, if need be.
  4. I just got my y500 about a week ago after being on a MacBook Pro for 6 years, and a Win7/ML tower I built last May. I personally haven't noticed any performance difference between 7 and 8, but anytime an app opened in Metro/Modern, I hated the delay that the switching to and from desktop mode created. I got StartIsBack based on recommendations here, and it definitely minimizes the switching. I don't feel the need to spend time/resources buying/installing/activating 7.
  5. Thanks. I figured the answer was in one of the various screen grabs of the BIOS, but new user privileges and all... That's great, though. I guess I'll go ahead with it.
  6. I tried a cursory search but couldn't find an answer - does the unlocked BIOS have hot plug options for the sata ports? I turned my ultrabay into an eSATA port, which of course works with a drive connected/powered on boot - but if I can enable hot-swapping, that would definitely make it more convenient. Since this is the only feature I'm interested in, I'm reluctant to flash my BIOS sight unseen.
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