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  1. I read on the dell website you can have Steam preinstalled on the old m1Xx and get a Portal game. Not sure if Portal 1 or 2. But i bought my m11x r3 second hand. And the previous owner made a system recovery and no steam was installed. Any way to get a free game now?
  2. Notebookreview sent me here. Does this bios has options for fan speed/ temperature settings? Edit: Flashed unlocked Bios and was so happy, to see an option to change fanspeeds and temp tables. But changing anything there does absolutely nothing.
  3. I dont shut down the computer, but go to hibernate (not standby). It wakes up much faster from hibernate then doing a full fresh bootup. Plus all your apps are still open and ready to use.
  4. The design is ugly. That full illuminated touchpad is inappropiate. The cooling system is still stupid with intakes at the bottom. Vents should be on the sides of a laptop. But the worst is the space next to the hinges, between base and display. Reminds me of the old iBooks
  5. I have a M11x R3. And i would love a R3 with higher resolution and antiglare IPS screen. Socketed CPU and MXM GPU would be cool too!
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