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  1. They haven't upgraded their pages yet. You have to call in and speak to a rep. Their site is far behind, sadly.
  2. No, you can not. Lenovo has the 750 Ultra bay for sale, but it is back ordered and shipping as of 2 days ago on the 24th of July. Kinda sucks, but its better than nothing at all.
  3. I spoke to a rep not 2 days ago and was told that they are not compatible. They have the Y400 750UB card but they are not going to be available for shipping until July 24th if you ordered 2 days ago. TLDR: No, they don't work together. You need to call in and order the 400 version.
  4. My 400 shipped a few weeks ago and the card that came with it is horrible. Terrible range and it drops/cuts off rather frequently. I am considering going with the mod and attempting to kill my problem with a much more reliable card. I too am curious if you went with the modded Bios?
  5. This is awesome news! I just received my Y400 and I have been wanting to do something with the ultra bay dock, but paying 150 plus shipping to do so just didn't seem right. Overpriced for sure, so this option will do me fine. Thanks a ton for posting this. Ordering one tomorrow.
  6. Also considering purchasing the Killer N1202 to put into my Y400. It came last month with version 2.02 installed from Lenovo. Just to clarify since I am a computer noob. If I download the modded version 2.02, this will allow me to add the killer N card to the machine without issues, correct? Thanks again. Great mod.
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