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  1. @Slv7, If you go back to the Unwinder thread has another command to check the alternate bus. One person with eVGA card who as getting a "invalid" response is now getting a "not invalid" response. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=380513&page=2
  2. Slv7, Unwinder MSI Afterburner developments with NCP4206 voltage regulator allow unlocking reference card voltage to 1.3: http://forums.guru3d.com/showpost.php?p=4638716&postcount=22 Will be interesting if this can be done with the Classy to unlock further than 1.5 ....
  3. Famich, If you have a Classy then you want the modded Classified bios, correct? It's the one at your overclocking forum that many Classified owners are using. EVGA 780 - Classified vbios pack - 'OC edition v03' - see attachments
  4. I think Svl7 mentioned the classy vbios mod has 440w? at default settings. If you go back a few pages he talks about why he left it at 130%.
  5. Edge3903, You need 5 posts to have download access. The Classified vbios pack was modded from Original '3A' Classified Normal and LN2 bios.
  6. Dentnu, Does that happen if you change the "power management" setting in the Nvidia driver game profile from "adaptive" to "performance"?
  7. I think in his case it might help since he has a Classified. Svl7 increased the Power target to 130%, not to mention anything else in the bios specific to the Classified hardware.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up. I was sure exactly how PrecisionX handled the Power Target %'s relative to voltage settings.
  9. That makes sense .... my concern would be the increased Power Target in PrecisionX and whether damage can occur with Extreme benching on non-classified cards.
  10. Stock memory on 780 Classifieds is 6008 and I overclocked to 7718. As far as how high depends on benchmark, cooling and "GPU" lottery, though eVGA does pick these GPU's to achieve very high frequencies.
  11. @svl7, Thought you would like to see 780 Classified results using Svl7 TI Classified bios - Nothing extreme yet i7 3960x @ 4.9Ghz --- GTX 780 Classified --- 1306.5/7718 --- +274/+855 --- P11349 --- Air ASIC 67.1 Nvidia Driver 326.41 Power Target: 95% Temp Target: 94c http://www.3dmark.com/fs/726888 Thanks again for your work and solutions with evga Modded vbios.
  12. I know the Classified has a new VRM module to handle high voltages and a bigger PCB with additional caps which probably come into play and add additional safety when performing extreme benchmarking. The Classified bios could have settings related to expected hardware tolerances.
  13. Svl7, I'll post screenshot in few moments after I flash. Than again for your work on the vbios! Edit: NvInspector Screenshot below of LN2 bios. Correction: Power Target max is now 130%.
  14. SvI7, Would you consider a vbios for people using a 780 Classified on DICE or LN2 with higher power target?
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