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  1. New bios from Gigabyte GTX 780. Are the 8+8 pin bioses the same as the 6+8 ones?
  2. One information, please: if I understand Boost 2.0 is to prevent temperatures limiting clocks and voltages. So, wouldn't it be better to set power limit to the real max that board can handle (6+8 pin=300W) and a fixed voltage, leaving the boost control just clocks according to load?
  3. So, is 350W the max safe power limit for vanilla's cards? Thanks!
  4. Just for info: latest bios are 80.10.3A.00.81 for SC ACX and 80.10.3A.00.82 for vanilla Titan cooler. And for SC with Titan cooler?
  5. Guys, I read on another forum that it is not safe to raise power limit to 115% with this bios as it would result in 391W against stock 250W ; so, is 100% (340W) safe? Or are the guys on other forum wrong?
  6. @svl7: do you plan an update to latest bios for stock cooler cards? Thank you!
  7. That's right, but an updated bios for all vanilla's user may be helpful...
  8. I tried even by PM, but I had no answer...
  9. Guys, I'm new to this forum, I don't expect to be loved by everyone, but I think that an answer would be kind...
  10. Could you please mod this bios? It's latest EVGA GTX 780 SC with stock cooler, version http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/141240/EVGA.GTX780.3072.130531_1.rom Thank you!
  11. Waiting for a vanilla one (TNT is slooooow)... I just got a high flow bracket; it seems that backplate are rare as gold...
  12. This is newer than latest version on Tech*****up...
  13. I noticed that lower fan speed of 780 with stock cooler is 30%; is it a good idea to reduce it to something like 10%?
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