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  1. I tried the latest nvidia driver for my M18x r2 with single 980m and I get throttling. The only drivers that working perfectly without any throttling are the 352 from here. Anyone know how to avoid throttling with the newer drivers? I have tried to clean with DDU and reinstall many times but every time throttling exists.
  2. My board is the Ms17631 rev 1.1. What do you mean the motherboard is damaged? Is there something else except the bios and the ec chip that needs reflashing ?
  3. Can anyone share the 3920xm bios overclock settings for 4.2-4.3ghz on m18x r2? I am trying to overclock mine but I get very high temps above 95c
  4. Guys I have an msi gt70 that is bricked from bios update. I ordered a chip from ebay and replaced it but still doesnt turn on. Do you know if this laptop has any blind flash method ? I contact msi and they dont want to help me. They said I need to buy a new motherboard!!
  5. Anyone know why I cant overclock my 980m with nvidia inspector or msi afterburner? I move the sliders and when I press apply they return back to default. The 980m is installed on my alienware m18x r2 with the custom drivers.
  6. Hello guys, I just upgraded my M18x r2 with one 980m (coming from 7970m crossfire). Except some problems I have with the drivers I am satisfied with the performance. Do you think it is worth it to add another 980m later for SLI? I was thinking maybe I should sell this laptop and get the newer AW 18 with proper 980m support. whats your opinion?
  7. Hello guys, I just upgraded my alienware M18x R2 to one 980m and I am confused with the drivers. I managed to install 352.84 but I dont get good performance. Do I need anything else to do?
  8. hello, I have an alienware m18x r2 with dual 7970. I tried overclocking by flashing 1.075 vbios, and then raised the clocks at 940/1480. With one GPU I get about 6900 on 3dmark11. With 2x GPUs I get 9970 points. I think the score for both gpus is too low. I have seen people to get about 10.000 points on stock clocks. I have tried the latest 13.4 amd driver. Anyone know what is holding me back??
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