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  1. Working! Flashed with nvflash_windows_5.142. THNX!!!
  2. I have already tried that. I am getting same error as with DOS version.
  3. I have tried latest DOS and Win versions of nvflash and result is the same. I appreciate your hard work. Thumbs up!
  4. I am experiencing the same error. Bios v2.04, 750m SLI.
  5. Hi @all. I am from Belgrade, Serbia. Great place for HW especially for notebooks. I have purchased Y500 SLI i am preparing myself mentally to flash moded BIOS. Wish me luck.
  6. I also just got my Y500 with 750m SLI a 2 weeks back, and I was in doubt to stick with windows 8 or not. It was my first contact with W8 and after 2 weeks of learning i enjoy it actually. Give yourself a time so you can make a good decision.
  7. If you are going to overcklock(k version) you should reconsider some 650w+ single rail power supply and for almost same price you can get 4670k.
  8. If you prefer nvidia gtx650ti boost is my favorite. In case you are AMD fanboy as I am than 7870.
  9. I envy you guys. I have paid 1050 euros for Y500 with SLI 750m configuration. But i am satisfied. Price/performance ratio is great.
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