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  1. I'm currently using 7 washers total. 1 for each screw except for screw #6 which has 2 washers.
  2. You can undervolt using Intel's extreme tuning utility (Intel XTU) on either the factory bios or the tweaked bios. It is the safest/best option.
  3. is that cable for the FHD y510p?
  4. The screen i was trying to use was the 1080 screen that came with the y500. Not sure what the model # is but it should be one of the two you listed according to the Lenovo y500 hardware manual. In addition to that, I tried another 1080p screen. Don't rmember the model number but it was from AUO and came with the XPS 15 (L501x). Instead of just backlight turning on, I got a gray screen and possibly could see stuff on teh screen but I can't remember. But I'm sure its a ribbon cable issue.
  5. Don't think you can use the y500 cable. I tried a LCD cable from a 1080p y500 and got nothing, not even a blacklight. (also i'm on the same track as you but haven't found a solution yet. next i think i would try a y510p 1080p cable but its a little expensive on ebay right now.
  6. ^^ interesting method. I've heard stories of people tilting their laptops causing unexplained decreases/increases in temperatures depending on how they tilt the computer. I think the only damage you can get is if you have a hard disk because of how it spins so fast, its most stable/safe when its flat versus vertical. To op, removin the bottom cover is pretty much all you need to do. I usually do a few squirts of compressed air into the side vent (blowing into comptuer) and then from the bottom with the bottom case removed.
  7. Depends on what you're looking for. The advanced menus do have some thermal configuration like specific temperatures when to activate fans but I think someone reported that changing those values don't make a difference. Other stuff you can do is undervolt using nvidia inspector/intel XTU (i would stay away from the voltage/OC settings in the bios). Another useful thing with the bios mod I've found is disabling hyperthreading has allowed me to undervolt further than before, reducing temps even more. Whether or not you need HT is up to you, I just found that my games dont benefit or get hindered from HT.
  8. Only downside of undervolting is less stability, meaning there's a higher chance for crashes while gaming. At 1.0v it should be fine. I personally have mine set to 0.975v (-125mv undervolt) without any issues yet. Intel XTU also allows you to undervolt the intel graphics card. Not sure if it really makes a diffeerence but I have mine at -100mv.
  9. You can try undervolting your GPU using nvidia inspector but if you don't game much, it probably won't affect you very much. Other than that , I wouldn't toy around with Bios settings.
  10. I think you're supposed to drag the bios file onto the program after you open the program. And you didnt notice any new files in the same folder as your backup bios?
  11. Did you open the Biosfixer program first and then drag the bios backup bin file onto it? --- Tried the bios. Everything is working fine. Was able to safely undervolt to -125mv (using nvidia inspector) which lead to a nice 5-10C drop in GPU temps. Thanks!
  12. I would stay away from that Menu and use intel XTU...someone in another thread already messed up his computer by having unstable settings in the overclocking menu. Intel xtu may let you get higher (i was able to get my i7 to 3.5ghz from 3.4 ghz but even with that, the temps were getting too high).
  13. NEW QIQY6 DC02001ME0J LVDS CABLE FOR LENOVO Ideapad Y500 HD+ LVDS CABLE | eBay I bought this one recently to see if it would fix my broken screen. (cable wasnt the problem) Anyways, it should be the same as the one OP bought. Will take ~2 weeks to arrive since its from China. (ordered it 5/28, arrived 6/10) - - - Updated - - - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171196613338?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I bought this one recently to see if it would fix my broken screen. (cable wasnt the problem) Anyways, it should be the same as the one OP bought. Will take ~2 weeks to arrive since its from China. (ordered it 5/28, arrived 6/10)
  14. I'd go with 2x4gb. I dont think you'll *need* 12gb of ram. not for another couple years at least.
  15. Does anyone know what kind of screens are compatible? (upgrading from 720p). Or if a different lcd ribbon cable is needed. I tried to replace the 720p screen with a 1080p screen from an old y500 and nothing showed up. Though, it's always possible that the 1080p screen i have is broken or something.
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