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  1. You should check sager's NP9170... Equipped with haswell and SLI GTX 780m ... at the same price of your m18x probably.. $2600 estimate
  2. I am just curious if this method will work as well for GT750m models? If not, i am also curious as to why? Thank you
  3. while on batteries, the system is using the on board gpu not the 650m to conserve power. if it uses the 650m's while on battery, you will have to charge it prolly in 5-10min.. My GT780 MSI before is also like this.. This is completely normal
  4. my 650m's more or less have same temps. but usually, the one in the board gpu has more load thus creating higher temps.. yours is kinda weird, please check your NCP on sli settings, maybe u have it config to use gpu2
  5. may i ask what tool you used for cloning? i tried using acronis without luck... i resorted to clean install of the OS to my msata then reformatted the original drive
  6. same thing happened to me... I bought my gt650 y500 then after a week or so they released 750m model and now they are releasing models with haswell aswell.. I should have waited for those but i need a laptop i think we just need to sell our laptops and buy y510p for the performance, perhaps 10% increase from 650m model to 750m and yes we can OC to get 750m speeds
  7. In my opinion, Windows 8 has some cool eye candies... When i got my y500, i installed win 7 on my msata but now i'm thinking of reflashing windows 8 because some FN keys won't work on win 7 and on screen notifications are not working too on win 7
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