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  1. guys , do you all have the issue with the gpu fan not working except when set through Ηinfo? or only some of you?
  2. i have the same laptop but with the 1920x 1080 dreamcolor screen. its great!! why dont you find one of these used maybe and swap? from a broken 8570w?
  3. Hallo again nospheratu... As you know about my problem with my 2x 7970m and their voltage problem, do you know an other way to enable overdrive in ccc? Because the -xcl command in afterburner doesn't energise the overdrive in ccc. I was thinking that if I can enable overdrive in ccc and then edit the profile in XML I could try to lower vddc from there
  4. But what if you have raised the tdp high and on the Same time Have clicked on clock modulation as to block the multies fom dropping. That way you will make the tdp limiter not work? Unable to drop the multi? And the laptop will warm up until it shuts down from the bios thermal shut down command ( which you can select in whatever temp you want up to 130C if I remember correct)
  5. Well stamatis after playing with throttlestop I managed to setitup nicely. I use multies of 28/27/26/25 stably so I suppose now I have no need to turn off the c states. The heat of all the cores running at 25x all the time would surely be over the limit. Even now while benching or gaming after some time one of the cores reaches 100c (although I need to repaste and do your trick with the CPUs heatsink screws , because although one core gets 100 the other is at 72 and the rest in between..) Also one more question if you happen to know. When you setup a tdp and tdc , that's the limit you give to throttlestop to allow your CPU to use. What hapens when the CPU goes over that? Throttling? The system shuts down?
  6. is innovation cooling still in business? because he didnt comment lately in here, also after searching the net to buy some diamond 24 , it didnt look like its a very common thermal compound. so stamatis , you still beleive in it? should i go on and buy one to use in my alienware m17x r2? as a greek to Greek
  7. Well he didnt mean it as you perceive it ... but nevertheless you get the idea So guys, i have a question. I recently giot an m17x r2 , i havent installed an ssd yet so i dont need the speed patch yet, BUT i had several problems with throttlestop when trying to disable the cstates for my own personal reasons (i wanted to run all cores on the max multi) So as far as i understand and from what you mention here, i cant do that on an R2?
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