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  1. Hi there, thnks in advance for your time.... I´m freaking out with my loved y580 that suddenly after change a stupid graphics settings in my modded bios working for 2 years without any problem, I have right now what i think is a beautiful brick called y580 (I moved the settings cos´ I had some issues working with a oculus rift dk2 and want to deactivate the integrated hd4000, damn me X). So here I´m triyng to bring back to life my working laptop,.... no video signal, just blank screen and fan working, no lenovo splash screen logo, no post sounds. I´ve tried to see through external video outputs Hdmi and VGA without success then I´ve tried the "blindness restore default settings navigation" on bios (left, down x 4, enter x 4), as I read on other threads, no success. Then I´ve tried a clear cmos taking out the cmos battery located under the touchpad for a few hours without any success. after that I started the Crisis recovery methods with Fn+b and Fn+r, as I read in multiples threads and pages like http://edmarhobby.blogspot.com.es/search?q=BIOS and the only thing I have are signals that I put the laptop in recovery mode, my usb blinks after a few seconds apparently looking for the correct file and name to flash the bios but never happend, I´ve download the lenovo bios update "5dcn40ww.exe" and unzipped to get the "QIWY3207.ROM" and with the andy´s tool said that the correct recovery name is "QIWY3.bi", so I renamed the bios file with diferent extensions fd, rom, bin, bi without any result but an USB formated in either fat or fat32 2Gb looking endessly for the correct file or name. after that just for trying I´ve put the bios file with different names and extensions starting from QIWY0, QIWY1, QIWY2 and so on till QIWY7 and with the extension on each name rom, fd, bin, and bi. nothing works and I´m stuck, maybe is not the correct bios files but in the lenovo page is the only file I can download. I´ve tried also with a backup of my original bios (4608 kb) but it has different size compared to lenovo bios update QIWY3207.ROM (6272 kb) renamed as I writen before. Can anybody point me to the correct bios file for the recovery procedure? How should I procedure now? desoldering bios chip and try to reprogram? My laptop is out of warranty for just 1 month and here is the mobo data in case it helps QIWY4 LA-8002P Rev:1A 2012-04-18 Any hlp would be apreciated, thnks and sorry for my bad english.
  2. hi there, sorry to hear that u mess up your laptop.... there is a tutorial right here that was posted on other thread that i dont remember (I read and try a lot cos Im in the same boat as u) http://edmarhobby.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/lenovo-ideapad-y580-insyde-bios-reset.html My y580 that was running for 3 years perfectly since the begining with moded bios (thnks to svl7), now is on blank screen mode due to a damn change in bios trying to turn off the integrated graphics card for a test with Oculus rift sdk2, and i´m pretty f!"·!"up aswell, I´ve tried everything without any success only blinks the usb but no recovery with fn+r and fn+b method, I think that I dont have the correct bios for the crisis recovery, I´ve tried countless names and extensions, my laptop is fully naked no wifi, no dvd, nothing but mobo and memory (also tried 1 module in 0 socket and other combinations), also i´ve desoldered the battery from mobo to do a clear cmos. I´m running out of ideas. patrick try the tutorial and I hope u get luckier than me, and if somebody can give advice or anything didn´t tried yet, would be apreciated, thnks in advance. Pd : sorry for my english
  3. Hi there.... I have my brand new Y580 i7, 1Tb hd with preinstalled Win8 [i think it´s home version] right now with unlocked Bios 8.01 thnks to the Master svl7, with an Crucial M4 Msata 256Gb SSd for the Os [actually Win 7 ultimate] and the Hd for storage. My steps was 1st of all update Bios (nice and easy, great tools and easy tutorial from slv7 !!Thnks Again!!) if you planned in somehow to update the bios, do it previously a fresh installation of the Operating system cos sometimes you got Bsod´s after the bios get updated specially when the Os belongs to the SSd, I want to change my WirelessCard in a few weeks. Then I took out the Hd of the laptop only leaving the SSd and made a fresh install of the windows 7, you need to change in Bios the boot from uefi (win8) to Legacy (other os), as usually. I inserted my hd in the y580 and the Get rided of my shitty partitions of the Hd, and that´s all.
  4. let me know if u need it, cos I can leave the computer On where I have the torrent and seed for you?, this computer only works for a few hours in a day so if you are in a hurry it will takes so long to reach the goal.
  5. I don´t know if it´s ok to put such a link like this on the forum, but there is a Lenovo Y580 2099-8NU Factory Recovery Discs, wich can hlp u to put your system to a factory state, look for a torrent called Lenovo Y580 2099-8NU Factory Recovery Discs, it cames with a Y580 DataSheet and you can check if your Y580 fits on this recovery discs, I can send it to you in case you got difficulties to found it, Hope it helps.
  6. I came to this forum looking for a modified Bios for my new Lenovo, and when you reach a site called Tech-Inferno, what the hell can be wrong? thnks and respect for all this amazing info you mods and users put in here.
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