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  1. One quick question, how to enable wake on lan setting in this bios? I cant find any setting on this bios.
  2. applied the mod last night and start to overclocking my cpu and graphic cards~ cpu running at full speed 3.17Ghz without problem~ and graphic cards are running at 13++Mhz without problems~ significant increase in speed and performance thanks to you~ haha~ cheers~
  3. Well, as for me i would have to give my vote for win7 although the core OS for it is better than win7, the problems that i encounter is the security problem in win8 and the setting for networking are a bit different from win7 as i faced a lot of problems just to create a home media center with it
  4. Does replace the wlan card do really increase the wifi performance in Y500?
  5. i always keep all screws after disassembled even after i throw away the parts in case i need any of them in the future~ hehe
  6. mine stuck on around 70 degree ++, hopefully it wouldn't burn my desk:04:
  7. well, i would go for win 7 because mostly win 8 features are on the touch part, a laptop without a touch screen using win 8 will be quite troublesome~
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