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  1. Hi! I've just joined the forum because I've bricked my new 7720 with i7-3630QM with the modded BIOS. Olehkh, after reading the forum I think that your BIOS is becoming a plague for newer 7720 Dells! I'm not saying it is your fault since it works on your end and it seemed to work on my laptop as well (until I removed the battery), but I think you should either try to help mitigate the problem, remove the bios from the public forum or create a disclaimer which would state it will totally brick some laptops. As for my case, I need the laptop for work and I thought that the unlocked ROM will enable the Wake on LAN settings on the laptop, but instead it just powers on and lights the three keys from left to right. Also, the bios-overwrite procedure (pressing END while plugging the AC) doesn't work - it starts the laptop with full fan speed, but apart from that it's the same as the normal start. I've tried putting the USB with BIOS.cap (from the official update) and UEFI boot files as well as your DOS-bootable files with your rom into all 4 USB sockets and I used 4 different USB sticks (32MB noname, 512MB Kingston, 512 MB PQI and a new 16 GB) . I have tested the CD and DVD with the same files and as a long shot also the DVD they gave me with the laptop with the OS and I'm really going out of options. I'm open to suggestions and I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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