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  1. Alienware. Origin looks very bulky and not to mentioned very heavy. Almost doesn't feels like a laptop anymore.
  2. rat 7 at 4000dpi. 6400 is actually great for games but it a little too much for autocad.
  3. same thing happened to me. it worked fine at first, the write speed could go very high but then it just drops very very fast and stuck at 1mbps. It just takes forever to move all the files.
  4. cheeheng92

    Borderlands 2

    borderlands is actually quite fun .. but the drop rate is extremely low !! its just impossible to get a conference call... i have been hunting it for a week ... didnt get any .. in the end i just gave up
  5. I've upgraded to windows 8 since it came out with my R1. It runs perfectly and I'm really very happy with it. I
  6. Now You See Me !! Some of the reviews are not so good but overall i think its quite entertaining.
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