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  1. Hey svl7, I´m looking for a VBIOS for my 7970m with Enduro (p170em) to overvolt it. The stock voltage is 1.05 and I would like to increase it to 1.075v. My default VBIOS and GPU data (via AMD-Z): VBIOS version: VBIOS part number: P150EMPX.001 VBIOS date: 2012/03/26 05:22 Thank you very munch in advance OMAs P.S. I will donate your help.
  2. Hey, where can I find this vBios (1,075 p170em) or who I have to pm? thank you
  3. thank your for this awesome piece of software. it work nearly perfect on my system (p170em). Only one small bug and it works perfect. When I let the program show the temps at the tasklist, then I`ve got a freeze (only your program) after gaming. I´ver check all versions with this feature (think above 0.52). Thank you
  4. Hey, what a smart tool. thx for share.
  5. Hey - it is possible the under- and overvoltage a 7970m on thep170em? thx
  6. Hey svl7, Im also very interested in a overvolting BIOS for the 7970m on the p170em. It is possible on this book? THX
  7. Hi prema, Im very exiting to get the new BCKL BIOS. Up to now all of your Mods working without any problems on my book. VG,
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