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  1. Windows 10. Never had any trouble with it. It's just your subjective opinion. Some people likes to use ancient things like s**t of mammoth.
  2. That processor is for desktop. You should find processor for laptop with socket FCPGA988, you can see here: Evy Bridge Mobile. You can use WiFi 7260 HMWG but my advice is Wi-Fi 6 MPE-AX3000H. If you want to use Bluetooth of that module you must do the mod. That WiFi card works with Windows 10 only.
  3. I've tried two different SSDs but I used two Samsungs: SSD 860 EVO SATA III 250 GB and SSD 860 mSATA 250 GB. Everything was good, speed around 1 Gb/s. But I don't play any games and i don't need that speed. Between that SSDs the difference is a form factor only. raid0 depends on latency of the worst SSD.
  4. That magnet sensor (Hall Switch) isn't on the motherboard. It is on the function board with Mute botton, Wireless botton, Quickx botton, leds. There is 3.3v on LID_SW#_3_FNB if the lid is open.
  5. Very strangely. In my laptop are two pairs of antennas - wlan and wwan. If you bought used HP 2570p the previous owner could dismantle wwan antennas.
  6. @bg6dt Thank you for PCB layout file. Last things what I want to ask you. Write here detailed instruction how did you apply the VBT mod and replaced the new driver with the UBU tool. Wrire every step because mostly people don't know how to use Intel BMP Utility or UBU tool. @adrian_sa The request about instructions for you also.
  7. Okay but can you show here the former of printed circuit board with both sides and with real size and holes? I will order it by myself.
  8. @bg6dt Well done. Can you do that plates more and sell it? Very interesting mod. I've found on Ebay LVDS to eDP converter. Very simple to install.
  9. @adrian_sa Thank you very much. If I'm not mistaken, with your mod I'll not able to see Bios. Did you twisted the line wires? What the length of cable? In theory this mod let me use the 4 line display. @bg6dt have done the mode with 2K screen. Maybe by the same way. I hope he will share it with us.
  10. Our chipset is Mobile Intel QM77 Express. That chipset has 4 ports of SATA2 and 2 ports of SATA3. SATA HDD and SATA ODD are SATA3. It means that in our laptop available RAID0 only. Two people here have done the display mod but nobody wants to share it.
  11. Thanks for advise but my SSD is Samsung and I use the program Samsung Magician with Rapid mode. I think it's the same functions. @adrian_sa, did you use for your mod capacities like in DisplayPort connector:
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