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  1. Also recall that the MSATA inset's limited to SSDs anyway - so if you're going to get an SSD, use up the MSATA slot and leave yourself some flexibility with the SATA port that's left.
  2. Effin' a - now I might just look into fiddling with undervolting as well. (And I'd just realized I'd forgotten to read the original post I've quoted thoroughly - I'm an idiot)
  3. I haven't been keeping up with the other threads, but would you happen to know whether an Ultrabay analogue exists alongside it? More flexibility with voltmodding might be the impetus I need to finally get this machine off 2.02.
  4. ...and VRAM modules with different characteristics, IIRC: I remember someone on jester_socom's thread getting memory clocks in excess for 2500MHz and ~700 in Heaven to go along with it.
  5. My hands are bound, though: I've got one of jester_socom's custom BIOSes, and no means of doing the necessary fixes on them.
  6. That's the one - it let you input any file so so wished, if I remember - thanks in advance.
  7. A final dumb question - does anyone happen to have a copy of the legacy Y500Fix? I'm flashing one of jester_socom's custom BIOSes but can't preprocess it since the only files being distributed are per-version versions of the Y500Fix - presumably with specific BIOSes embedded inside.
  8. You're entirely right: I run Unigine Heaven, and clocks scale up as expected. So it turns out to be an entirely different issue - sorry for wasting time with the false association. So I should come clear with the actual question: how do I flash the separate VBIOSes here onto the MB's 650M? jester_socom's original post links me to svl7's sticky, but he only provides BIOSes with modded VBIOSes already included - the only instruction I get wrt VBIOSes modded separately is to use nvflash, but since that isn't working I presume that's not what I'm supposed to do.
  9. A late addition: I've just also noticed that the NVIDIA Inspector won't touch the onboard GPU's clocks either - in fact, it can't read much off it; note how a temperature of a constant 53 degrees is recorded, even on a FurMark burnin.
  10. I've probably missed something small-but-significant, but here goes: I attempt to flash my onboard 650M that's already been worked over with a fixed 2.02 BIOS flash with an overvolting BIOS, and nvflash screams "Supported EEPROM not found". Can I presume I've inadvertently haven't done something I've assumed I've done?
  11. So we all do, eventually. After a certain amount of time you get to - at the very least - call yourself a masochist and attempt to take a little chauvinistic pride in doing something with less. (That's just what I say to my circa-'11 965 BE + GTX 460 setup...)
  12. The BIOS mod doesn't disable anything else other than the whitelist - it should be noted, though, that it'll purge all your settings. You might have to fiddle again with the knobs for EFI.
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