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  1. zone

    Y500 Matte Screen?

    How do you know which screen to choose? I'd like to change my glossy display to a matte finish but see that there are 6 model numbers for the y500. p.s. thanks for that video! it will be very helpful once I know which screen to order.
  2. anybody have a good recommendation of a WLAN card with bluetooth card to use in a Y500 after removing the whitelist? I'm hoping for a 450Mmbps. thanks
  3. What kind of speeds are you getting with the 6235 and with what wifi access point?
  4. I really like Windows 8 after a week or two of cursing at it while staring at my screen totally confused. Now that I have become accustomed to it, I find it quite good. Faster boots / wake-ups and seem more snappy then Window 7. I had intentions of going back to WIndows 7 on my new laptop but in the end have stuck with Windows 8.
  5. After flashing the unlocked bios does the intel centrino ultimate-n 6300 work without issues? I did notice in the this thread that one user was experiencing issues where he had to disable / re-enable in the bios after shutting down his OS and hoping that this was user error rather than some imcompatibility. Can someone confirm the n-6300 is working for them? thanks in advance!
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