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  1. Any updates on 2.03/2.04? Any chance we are going to see these anytime soon? Or at least a downgrade guide to 2.02
  2. Thanks for the reply I have a Y500 with 2.03. Just got it due to mine having a motherboard replaced and having parts shortage. My old one was 2.02, this one is 2.03. How would I go about getting my BIOS copied to a file to send? Edit: Nevermind, figured out how to copy it and sent svl7 a PM. Thanks again!
  3. Does anyone have any info on 2.03 working with this? I don't want to try it and break it until it's confirmed working. I went through a few pages and found nothing :/
  4. I asked this a bit ago but after some searching I don't think it was ever answered. Does the modified BIOS have a setting for turning on and off the charger?
  5. Just found this forum when I was looking for upgrades for my new Y500. Trying to get my post count up so I can download some stuff, but have learned a lot already from just reading through things Too bad my laptop is being repaired right now so I can't even do anything special yet
  6. I personally like the Windows 8 start menu, but would be nice to have a touch screen. I find myself using multi-touch a lot as it makes my life a lot easier to navigate around.
  7. Xxiv

    Y500 Matte Screen?

    I've always hated glossy screens, but none of the laptops I've used them on had high res screens. Is the grainy-ness really that noticeable?
  8. So I've been trying to look but I cant see the pictures yet (need more posts) but can you disable/enable the charger in the modified bios? And has anyone heard of the issue with the "Battery Meter Reset" feature breaking this?
  9. Just got my Y500 GT 750m and I love this thing. Checking to see if anyone has figured out of the 750m is just an overclocked 650m yet or what the deal is. It's pretty impressive what you guys have done with this laptop Also anyone have a good NIC they can recommend? This one seems kinda meh
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