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  1. The reason for asking is because for Crysis 3, a lot of people have solved their crash issues by increasing the voltage. However, my machine hits around 90C when playing. I suspect something is wrong with the thermal paste, so I have placed an order, but it will be a while before it gets here. Therefore, I am looking for a way to increase the voltage, but not the clock speeds.
  2. Is it possible to underclock the the core with -50mhz using the 1.025V vBIOS? I am using a 680M on a Clevo P150EM.
  3. With XoticPC, your order can be potentially delayed up to 2 months depending on what you order (this was my case). They offer an unbeatable price though.They seem to also have communication issues with Sager. My rep was very helpful, but I had to constantly seek him out to get updates.
  4. I've done some research on this when I was looking for a laptop to buy. Dual 7970M will out preform a single 680M. You can look at the benchmark of the 1x680M vs 2x7970M below. Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List - NotebookCheck.net Tech
  5. I was going to get the 7970M for my laptop. However, Sager had some inventory issues. I then started looking into the overclocking potential of the 680M and ended up going with it.
  6. I can't give you a recommendation for the CPU, but keep in mind that many games today do not use all four cores. Thus, faster clock speeds will help you more. Personally, I doubt all games will be so heavily CPU bound. I would wait and look at a few other upcoming games before upgrading. At least you can increase your sample size that way.
  7. I would go with AW. As far as I know, if you're patient, you can find a rep that can give you an excellent discount.
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