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  1. you mean an official or a prema? As it's not an card initially done by/for msi, there could be some differences with original. Or may be the mxm standard doesn't really leave place for that kind of difference and it doesn't really make a difference. So it si compatible? good news! I am looking for vbios so.
  2. Hello, Actually this is my card that I am selling. So it's a prema-biosmodded card that I have bought from eurocom. Does it fit mechnically in a GT72 and will it work? If do you know if it requires a bios update of the GT72?
  3. Hello All, Master @Prema, I got my p170em back from Clevo service because my MB died. Actually I had a 980m mxm graphics, and was pretty pleased with it, but after a normal run (1 or 2 hours of gpu intensive game), I switched the laptop off and it never get back to life. Not even a led, just a spark noise when I connect the power supply without battery - that was still good. I sent it to clevo service that diagnosed a dead MB. They charged me for replacement (I wasn't under warranty anymore), and reinstall everything back. They tested the 980m and the orginal 675mx under linux, and saw sometime some artifacts on the 980m, but it was working. They put the 675mx back and I now would like to get the 980m back. This board has the good vbios, but I don't remember if I need a specific bios. Currently it has the latest clevo bios, but I remember I replaced it, but don't remember if it was mandatory to use the 980m... Someone can tell me? Thx
  4. Hey Prema, all, Just fucked up the driver installation with 361.91 after battlefront asked to update to this in order to play... Got the BSOD during installation and at all reboot. Just see that you god prema did update your vbios, so i'm updating... (have a P170em with 980m). Thanks again!
  5. I just don't want to play games with max fans... Tried 100 to 200+ on core and start reaching highest speed, which is not convenient for me, but it's still possible. It is just that I don't feel to play with an airbus under the keyboard... biklas7: the calcul is purely fiducial, it depends how much you'll pay. Try and study a new laptop with an upgrade, and the spare parts, it will tell for you. This been said, I wouldn't say the 980m is worth every penny. Nvidia is selling this card at a very high price, but I could afford it. First question is: how is rated your power supply. If you have the big one, it is possible, otherwise you will have to buy another bigger one, and it has to be taken into account.
  6. Hello, I did the upgrade and even if it's difficult to get it overclocked (which was not the real purpose), it is working fine at expected results on my laptop (p170em), and I can play witcher3 at max details with hardly any stutter with hairworks, and completly fluid otherwise... actually nvidia doesn't recommend hairworks for the 980m even is working fine. I don't even run any benchmark as I'm very satisfyied with it. I tried overclock a bit, but I just get warmer for a very small gain... I mean, the p170em cooling is not done for such a hot card, and having it working is a good surprise. I had a 675mx before and the gain is tremendous, I can play whatever i want... Tr is playing at 70fps+. Here is firestrike: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3920XM Processor Extreme Edition,EUROCOM Neptune 2.0 So at the end, the laptop may not be able to get enormous overclock (400+), but still at base frequency it is a good operation. Actually a 970m can do the job by overclocking, but will you be able to overclock a 970m?
  7. Hey guys, I just received a notification about latets nvidia driver. Is it safe to install on our 980m? Or do we need to wait for a modded driver? just bought the witcher3 and would like to get some good perfs on it...
  8. no issue for mine although it runs quite hot under BF4, roughly 85deg after more than 10 minutes... but perf is here and no throttling. About your temperature topic dear prema, I will not help you but I can bring some concerns other than overclocking one. I have been working in smartphone SOC since 8 years now, especially in power and was into the deep when going 1Ghz, 45 to 28 nm, and we have alsways struggle between speed and thermal question. Generated power are dynamic and static type, dynamic means transistor switching power (so increasing with F*V^2), and static means leakage, increasing with V^4 and temperature. At the time I was working on early 28nm, around 90 degree C, the generated static power could be more than dynamic depending on chip quality and size, and this must be dissipated otherwise it could by itself lead to thermal runaway. I bet that this was a concern at the beginning of 28nm and now the process has been improved. I was also working on different package and size than our preferred video accelerator. Then the thermal policy inside vbios is supposed to detect quick increase of temperature and should be able to shut voltage down to prevent thermal runaway, otherwise it leads to destruction. On the 980m, I saw a very thin package (we can barely see the transistor over it and we just place a not-so-massive radiator and heat pipes... At the end, it is just a matter of how deep the user will use its game card... what kind of game it will use.. how much juice it will get from it. -benchmarker will always get the maximum, whatever the temperature. For them, a Fn+1 exists, thanks! -BF4 and other very demanding game will tolerate noise, but for portability reason, they could play in rooms where 45 to 50db is too much for others, so for them it would be better to have a high speed (may be 2/3 - this is arbitrary) as soon as possible so that to reach the lowest end temperature and avoid reaching loud fan speed. Let's admit end temperature 80 degree +-2. For them we should trigger high speed fan very soon (50 degree?)... -less demanding game will have a lower end temperature (65 to 75 deg), so will make less noise. For them, a more progressive and regulating temperature could be sufficient, such as letting the chip getting warm, because even at max freq and max voltage, it will not use 100 performance and will not generate too much power. Then the warmer the chip is, the more power it will dissipate (at 90degree, a radiator dissipate more power than at 40)... For them you can set a moderately high fan speed until it reaches 90deg.. and go higher until end temperature is found. -again less demanding game (pacman, tetris) could be run on integrated video . I just let my fingers type, this could be no sense at all for you, but in case it could help... From my point of view, it should be a per-game thermal design - which is probably the case of standard driver...
  9. On e of the issue I have with my P170em is that my CPu is now running at full speed in 3D games. It wasn't the case with my previous card (675mx) but actually the 980m needs to be fed much faster, and actually I dpo not loose too much performance by reducing the frequency, and then save watts for CPU and GPU... It actually depends on games, but BF4 is clearly demanding much. I am waiting a 3920xm in replacement of my 3630qm. This will not save watt but may be get some more juice from the 980m.
  10. New drivers 347.88 with Overclock back (in theory)... http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/83081/en-us https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/819148/geforce-drivers/official-nvidia-347-88-whql-driver-feedback-thread/
  11. 330w is enormous. At max with some overclock, the 980m will get 120w, 130, the cpu can take 50 to 60w; and maybe 30w for the system (which is exagerated...), we are still under the brick specification. I would say that the power may not come to the 980m, which could be related to the power routing of the motherboard. Or you have thermal issue such like wrong contact of the graphic chip, the temperature goes rapidly high and clock are quickly cut... like a very fast hysteresis.
  12. Just tried some experiments on the 345.20 drivers. With a small overclock : (+70mhz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor,EUROCOM Neptune 2.0 With defaults clocks: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor,EUROCOM Neptune 2.0 It's still curious that with updated vbios and bios, I can overclock but got the famous 20% penalty. Performance on 3Dmark are almost the same on 3Dmark. I have better results on 347.12 on Tomb raider (73 vs 71). Actually the performance limitation is not showing at the beginning, framerate looks ok, but after maybe 10 to 15s, framerate droppes significantly and restart after probably 15s - I've seen this on firestorm. This is looking like driver limitation when it detects overclocking...
  13. I just succeed to install a non-347.12 driver thanks to prema who indicated me the good bios version. I could install a 345.20 version with overclock support. I didn't make so much measurements else thank TR that gave a incredible 82fps avg (without overclock - I had 73fps on 347.12), But I don't feel I'll have room for improvement with overclocking. I run at more than 80degres on BF4 with fan almost at max... I need to recheck mounting and how thermal paste was applied, but anyway... I need also to check 3D options, as I feel I had double buffering enabled on the 347.12 benchmark.
  14. You have to contact them by email and give them this code: 150131AW10EB. Then they will ask for your ebay id as it's a coupon code for ebay user.
  15. Actually this is the theory . They sent me a Vbios but it doesn't really fix this issue. I am wondering if the operation finally succeeded although it was telling so, and I also see a modded bios version in nvidia inspector. - - - Updated - - - It happened sweet with eurocom, and you have a 10% discount if you have an ebay id, which is mitigating their high price in regards to other sellers.
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